"I used  Super-D on my 1-1-1/2 inch wood chip with the leaves last spring and at the end of the the summer I pulled back the the shredded leaf and chip mulch and it was black and rotting almost to dirt. I planted kale, cucumber, buttercup squash, lettuce, green beans and lots of summer squash. It was huge, lush and amazingly prolific. I watered two times all summer and it was still quite moist two inches down. This is a real break thru in digesting all that wood mulch with their leaves and needles." - (Customer's name on file)
SoilRenu Super-D  is a blend of beneficial plant growth promoting soil microorganisms, formulated with an emphasis on cellulose digesting fungi and bacteria.
Field Stubble Digestion:

SoilRenu Super-D, a blend of cellulose digester microbes, makes short work of dead plant material left in the field after harvest, breaking down debris into nutrient-rich soil.

SoilRenu Super-D digests most annual crop debris including: wheat, corn, soybean, sugarcane, rice straw, vegetables, and more.

SoilRenu Super-D will only digest dead cellulose material and will not harm live plants. However, this product is not recommended for use on turf grasses where a potential excessive nutrient release could occur.


SoilRenu Super-D aids in the digestion of compost materials such as manure, grass clippings, and paper products.
SoilRenu Super-D
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