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This is always applied at the beginning of the season, 7-10 days before planting, for new growth, but anytime for sustained growth.  Seasons extending past 90 days require an additional application of 100 grams each month to help supply a plant, such as fruits, vegetables and coffee, with additional energy.

Safety equipment is not required but caution should be taken while handling the product for it is a fine, talc-like powder, easily disbursed in air, and can be annoying to the user.  When mixed with water it does not fall out of solution. 

Recommended to use with SoilRenu Soluble is our specially formulated liquid enzymes developed as SoilRenu Enzymatic.

Mycorrhizal Fungi + SoilRenu Soluble's Proprietary Beneficial Bacteria:  With the increased usable surface area provided to the plant by the Mycorrhizal fungi, the plant has greater access to the nutrients present in the soil; and by adding the SoilRenu blend of plant growth promoting microbes, those nutrients are broken down through enzymatic action, facilitating easier uptake by the mycorrhizal fungi.

SoilRenu Soluble


SoilRenu Soluble soil amendment contains our best blend of beneficial soil-based microorganisms plus mycorrhizal fungi. SoilRenu Soluble colonizes, nourishes and aids plant roots and the surrounding rhizosphere for improved crop health, greater drought tolerance and mineral availability (i.e phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium, iron, and more) and a robust soil food web.

What is Mycorrhizal Fungi?  The term Mycorrhizal -- which literally means fungus (myco) root (rhyzo) -- refers to the symbiotic relationship between certain fungi and plant roots. These fungi receive sugars from the plant, and in return, aid the plant in the uptake of water and nutrients in the soil. The Mycorrhizal fungi form branch-like structures called hyphae, which extend the surface area of root hairs to provide greater access to resources available in the soil. Hyphae are smaller than root hairs, and therefore able to penetrate further into the soil to seek out minerals and moisture. When the resources in the immediate area are depleted, the hyphae simply extend further into the soil to find new supplies.

The soil bacteria also benefit from the enzymes secreted by the mycorrhizal fungi. A symbiotic relationship is formed wherein plant, mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria all benefit and flourish. SoilRenu Soluble which contains specific soil microbes also has been enhanced with powerful enzymes to better support microbial growth. This is a fully soluble product and will not clog drip or irrigation spray lines and may be applied through a hose-end sprayer, sprinkler, and drip system.  Syphon systems work well over continual use.  360 grams of product will treat one acre of area for a 90-day season. Seasons under 90 days should be disbursed equally every two weeks.