SoilRenu Enzymatic is a biostimulant designed for use on all soils, plus canopied crops such as turf and other grasses.  It may be applied to the soil by aerial spraying, ground sprayer, shanked in with other organic fertilizer liquids, through seed drill starter-fertilizer application, through sprinkler systems or by furrow or flood, or drip irrigation. SoilRenu Enzymatic should be applied with SoilRenu Soluble or SoilRenu Foliar.

By itself, SoilRenu Enzymatic can be applied with most natural liquid soil amendments, herbicides and pesticides through a hose-end sprayer, sprinkler system or drip system. Enzymatic is best used with all other SoilRenu soluble products.  Apply Enzymatic at the rate of 360 ml per acre per 90-day season.  The first application is 120 ml with additional applications of 60 ml applied every two weeks (5 addional applications).  Longer seasons will require similar doses.

All Grass types:  The application rate for large grass type areas is equivalent to 360 ml per acre.  Dilute with sufficient water to get uniform coverage of the area. Apply just before, during, or immediately after planting for maximum benefits.

Decomposition Assistance:  Applying by itself on crop residues after harvest, prior to tillage, to promote decomposition and soil improvement is an added advantage of our enzymes.  Apply SoilRenu Enzymatic anytime there is adequate moisture available to move it into the soil, incorporating with shallow tillage to increase effectiveness, especially when conditions are drier.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Use SoilRenu Enzymatic with SoilRenu Foliar and Soluble products under SoilRenu guidelines for better soil and water management, and to improve crop production.

SoilRenu Enzymatic
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