SoilRenu Company was founded in 1999. Mfg. of organic soil amendments.
Message from the Founder and CEO.

Thank you for your interest in our products.  SoilRenu Company was created in 1999.  We are the only manufacturer of SoilRenu garden and farm products; your go-to company for farming and landscape supplies. Our products are proprietary formulas of soil microbes and soil fungi and other proprietary ingredients which are solely controlled by our company. No other company manufacturers Soilrenu Company organic soil amendments and fertilizer. All our products have been personally formulated by our company with constructive inputs from a host of specialist friends and customers who have worked with us in testing SoilRenu products over these many years.  SoilRenu products were developed in the field, not in theory or on a test bench under controlled conditions. Improvements to our formulas have been made by implementing application ideas and strategies from customers just like you.  As with all our customers, we wish to receive your opinions and observations that will further our knowledge and continue to improve our products for many more years.  Please take note that in order to avoid any counterfeiting of our proprietary products, no other company or individual has been authorized to reproduce any of our products. This control  ensures that only authentic SoilRenu products are available for our customers. Should you believe you have not received an authentic product made by us, please contact us immediately for verification.
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SoilRenu Products are a group of specially formulated, fully organic soil amendments containing essential soil microbes and micronutrients. First designed for commercial farm applications, SoilRenu products are now available for the home gardener.  SoilRenu soil amendments and SoilRenu fertilizer will create your perfect organic garden. Please visit our "PRODUCTS" page for more useful information on how our products may benefit your garden.
All-Natural, Organic Garden Products
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